Saturday, September 29, 2012

Collecting my sample for my DNA Kit!

I was very excited to receive this package in the mail! This little box may be the key to learning about a whole new side of my family tree. My research up until this point has lead me to believe that the majority of my ancestors originated from a specific part of Europe. We shall see if I am correct :)

Step 1: Unwrap your box!

Step 2: Inside you will find instructions on the right and your collection container on the left

Step 3: This is the collection device. The instructions say it may take 2-5 minutes to gather enough saliva to fill the container sufficiently. It actually takes much less than I anticipated and I reached the fill line in one try! (Does that make me abnormal? I'm not sure!)

Step 4: Close the lid until it snaps. This mixes some fluid into your saliva sample that stabilizes it.

Step 5: Replace the collection top with the small screw on cap. Time to shake!

Step 6: Place the tube in the specimen bag, seal it up, place it in the mailing envelope, and you're done!

I am dropping mine in the mail today!

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