Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tree spotlight - 1867

Today Jesse Edward L. would be 145 years old!

JEL was born July 5, 1867 in Missouri shortly after the Civil War. The previous two decades had brought many Irish and German immigrants to this part of the country and my ancestors were no exception. His father was born in Ohio and his mother in Indiana. After marrying in Indiana they settled in north western Missouri and had seven children.

JEL was the 5th child and the 3rd son. He was married in 1897 and had three children born around the turn of the century. He worked as a farmer and lived to be nearly 78 years old. He outlived many, if not all, of his siblings and died in 1945 from heart disease.

photo credit: Tony Fischer Photography via photo pin and cc

Today my tree contains 1342 people and 2102 records.

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