Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Daughters of the American Revolution

I want to share a neat article I read this morning about a new chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution that was recently founded by an African American woman!

I love reading about history and this piece encouraged me to learn a little bit more about the organization and its history. The original chapter was founded October 11, 1890 by four women who had fathers or grandfathers that participated in America's run for independence. The DAR's website on becoming a member indicates there have been over 850,000 members since its founding. Any woman 18 and older who can prove a "bloodline descent" to a participant in the American Revolution can join.

I can only imagine that the process of providing proof of your lineage gets more difficult with each passing generation of prospective members. I am lucky because my grandmother, great aunt, and great-grandmother have already paved the way and are/were members. My largest hesitation in completing the application process is that I keep relocating! Since starting my genealogical journey 3-years-and-some-months ago, I have lived in 3 different locations spanning 2 states [and I'm planning another move before the year is finished]. Chapter meetings are run on a local level...I need to put down some roots.

Later this summer I think I will take a trip to DC to visit the museum and library at the National Headquarters.

Happy 236th Birthday America.

photo credit: NCinDC via photopin and cc.

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