Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another post about organizing

I have just over one more month left on my current ancestry.com subscription. My life is going to be very busy for the next 3 months, so I will probably plan to purchase my 3rd 6-month package around the new year.

In the time between now and then my goal is to get the most out of my current access and save save save some records! I have a small window of free time this evening so I am planning to go through the "Member Tree" Hints linked to my tree.

Ancestry divides "leaves" into categories including (the current # of hints on my tree):
  • All people with hints (1096)
  • All hints (2933)
  • Record (1881)
  • Photo (1)
  • Story (51)
  • Member Tree (1000)
While I have found the member tree hints to be enormously helpful, there are many instances where a hint is suggested for an individual that I already have a lot of information about. For example, while someone else may have 1 census record linked to my grandpa...I may have 10 additional sources already cited on his page. My plan is to weed through the ones that aren't helpful so that I can focus on the ones that are.

I used this 'weed out' technique with the photo hints a few months ago and it was very helpful. As you can see I currently have one photo hint (one that is perplexing me) while I had hundreds when I started.

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