Sunday, July 15, 2012


This evening I decided to go through all of the photo hints ancestry was suggesting for people on my tree. I got through all but 1! The one remaining is perplexing me, so some more thought will go into that later.

I organize my genealogy photos with the help of Picasa and attempt to name everything I save in a similar manner. This always includes as much of the individual's name as possible and sometimes includes dates or other helpful information. Picasa captures everything I save and creates an easy way to search through everything I collect.
  • People currently on my tree: 1348 (up 6 since yesterday)
  • Records currently attached to my tree: 2183 (up 20 since yesterday)
  • People with unattached hints: 1056 (up 3 since yesterday)
  • Total number of unattached hints: 2778 (down 357 since yesterday!)
I had a lot of the photos already saved onto my computer, but there were quite a few new ones which was nice.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, exactly zero of the photos came from my 'tricky' side of the family. My family tree is very much lopsided just like many of the trees around here that have been broken in recent storms. All the weight is on one side.

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